Fascinating old man traveler painting / Available

Fascinating old man traveler painting / Available

Series: Travelers

Available / 700 EUR

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Series “Travelers
Expressiveness of the human face always attracted me, especially older people. I was raised in an archaic village at the confluence of the river Siret somewhere with Moldova.  My grandparents raise me when i was at age of 6, when my parents were enrolled in school in Roman city. In the whole village lived simple people without education, who caught wars and famines, whose entire existence relate to work the earth and to raise the animals that they had in the yard, people who wake of the night and who are satisfied with little and sweating very much. I remember best a certain glimmer in the eyes of my grandmother, Maria, and how my hands embraces her face full of small wrinkles but very thin to touch . Her portrait now I remember it crossed wrinkles accentuated bearing the following weights everyday life of a tan skin burnt by the sun scorching summers in many work in the cornfield.
There were people working and extremely tormented, who lived with large gaps compared to the life we take now, but seems happier and much connected to the essence of life than many of us now. Every day, in ordinary routine of life, I observe for a few seconds pass, portraits of people with that glimmer that I have left so deep printed in my soul of that beautiful time of my life.
Ovidiu Kloska