Huge XXL painting signal angel by KLOSKA

  • Abstract Angel
Abstract Angel

Huge XXL painting signal angel by KLOSKA

Title: The waiting 205  – Series: The Book of Angels
Tehnique:  huge acrylic on stretched canvas / edges are painted dark / ready to hang
Painting size:  130 x 130 x 4 cm (close to 52 x 52 x 2 inches) 
Year: signed December 2020 / Painting is varnish to protect colors in time
Status: Available ! Please contact me at

  • Buying more than one painting will allow you to benefit a special discount to the total amount . Please email me via contact section or by phone at 0040720190320. Thank you !

Series “The Book of Angels”
Kloska ‘ s angels are stunning composition on the theme of angel seen like an light vibrating energy with human shape. His paintings on such an original approach are absolutely stunning the viewer guiding in a soft way to a deep mediation on our human spiritual condition.