Singularity Tree large mindscape signed O KLOSKA / Available

Singularity Tree large mindscape signed O KLOSKA / Available


Available / 1000 EUR

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” I’ ve been always fascinated by trees.My biggest admiration for the old and very large ones and especially the ones that are outside the forest and exist in a solitary massive apparition. For me this massive structure of energy is like a unique trace of the Creator intention to fascinate and to inspire us. Staying in the shadow of this tree my mind is changing me from an ordinary guy to a storyteller but my stories has no sound … is just like a mute and speckles movies. Is like I am trying to tell stories about longevity, about beautiful people that were close to me in a period of my time. I think the tree is a kind of form of singularity even you can say to me that they look the same. I must disagree with you. Maybe they look the same but each one has a complete different energy pattern ..They are more unique than us. ”  October 2018