Spiritual eclectic compositions about passing time / Sold out

Spiritual eclectic compositions about passing time / Sold out


Series: I want to die in another galaxy

Tehnique:   large scale acrylic painting on canvas stretched over wooden chassis / edges are painted black – ready to hang

Painting size:  50 x 80 cm (20 x 32 inches)

Year: signed  November 2014

Sold out

I started this series of compositions at the age of 37, after losing sameone that i loved very much: my grandmother. She raised me from the day i was born until age of 7 when i went to school in a very old house in a lost countryside village from eastern Romania. I gathered so much memories from that periode of time and i deeply think that helped me so much to think, to dream,to be what i am today. She was a pure soul, naive in a good and great sense of humanity, that lived in another dimension, in another archaic age of earth, of existence. She died not knowing this. Is very hard to imagine that all this memories will endure only inside of me and i try to find a way to give them some form, some energy, expression. I was so sad not having her around me and so obssed on me that in the last of her years the number of my visits was less .