A way to infinity 13 original painting signed O KLOSKA / 1200 Eur

A way to infinity 13 original painting signed O KLOSKA / 1200 Eur

Ovidiu Kloska painting invite us to solitary journey into the micro and marco universe creation. His combination of colors are unique and powerfull.


Eur 1200

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Series Beyond the inside :
Certainly in my beginnings as a visual artist, in my childhood, I came into contact first with the landscape executed in classical manner.
At first I drawed, I have learned the secrets, techniques, their stories. Therefore at my artistic maturity, the figurative manner it no longer creates me the same pleasure.
My wish is at the moment to create a landscape from a mental perspective: a “Minds-cape”. I create a visual plastic configuration different from the classic one .
but with a starting point the a real landscape. My “forests” and “clearings” are hiding the forms, they classify a special romance, Turner style like.
The liberated energy is ethereal, subtle, delicate.
All elements of landscape plant undergoes a transfiguration that invites to solitary journeys, both in the macrocosm and in the microcosm. The dynamics and the artistic rhythm are given musicality and light vibration. Basically the concept invites to mental journey into the abyss of being, consciousness, memory and hope.
Ovidiu Kloska