Gigantic XXL painting large scale painting abstact masterpiece by master Kloska

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Gigantic XXL painting large scale painting abstact masterpiece by master Kloska

Title: Between a whale song and a broken butterfly wing, signed on May 2020

2000 Eur

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Painting will  be very well protected with special materials, will  be sent high priority and with assurance

I have more than 1000 paintings all sizes in collections all over the world and all arrived in perfect conditions to the collectors !

It looks like a simple play of colors and gestures. But it is more than that: it is the result of hard work, thousands and thousands of hours of study and practice of painting techniques. My path starts as a child, from somewhere in the meadows of Moldavia and Siret, from a village called Cotu Vames, where I started dreaming with open eyes and which helped me to slowly detach myself from the ground in colorful flights. For a very long period of my artistic activity, I made compositions in darker tones and shades, especially in the series “The Book of Angels”.
I considered a real challenge to make a series in which to explore the chromatic relationships between the dreams and the game idea. Although most of the compositions made are predominantly abstract compositions, subtle shapes and crossings colors often form majestic birds, flights, detachments and immense falls.
The title refers to Alice in Wonderland, but, just like in other series, the title is a creation in itself. I focused more on the bizarre idea,
fantastic, dreamy, dreamlike. I remember that in my childhood I had colorful dreams, especially during the summer, during the holidays I spent with my grandparents in an archaic space filled with domestic animals, blooming fruit trees, early morning when I woke up fishing with my grandfather.