• Eternity signed 25 February 2019
Eternity signed 25 February 2019

Eternity still life perenity flowers melancholia nostalgia by O KLOSKA /Sold

Title:  Eternity signed 17 February 2019

Series: Kafkian eternity with flowers at 7 pm

Tehnique:   acrylic painting on stretched canvas / professionally framed / ready to hang

Painting size:   66 x 88 x 3 cm /  26 x 34  inches

Year: signed  February 2019    / signed and dated at the front and back side

Sold out / Private collection USA


Series “Kafkian eternity with flowers at 7 pm“: This series of artworks refers to the metaphysical approach to space populated by a pot with flowers, a near seen like a section of a personal
temporal eternity, where the vegetative elements are transfigured into the metaphysical, transcendent .Thus, at the limit figuration, the immanent of the light became oneiric reflections and transparent, the flower shape became sphere, within which persist the traces of the pass, of the wear, the cyclic. The series title, although apparently suggestive, is not referring to the absurdity and anguish prosaic present in Kafka’s universe, but rather its starts from the idea of freezing of the personal physical time, by a simple meditative exercise of pure contemplation of the close realities transformed by the passing of time.
For me, as an artist, the still life is a perfect excuse to create a vibrant game between the idea of the volatility and the perennial of the world
that we perceive around us, and the essence of the human spirit: the conscience.
My “flowers” are subtle expressions of a meta-reality, where the viewer is invited to meditation, to exercise his spirit, to discover that energy, that for sure we all have it inside us, that resonates with the silence of the beginning of beginning.  Kloska