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Enigmatic dark gothic abstract large painting still life by O Kloska, 2023 / Sold out


Series: Kafkian eternity with flowers at 7 pm

SOLD OUT / Private Collection USA

  • Acrylic painting on Canvas
  • One of a kind artwork
  • Size: 90 x 90 x 2 cm (unframed) / 32 x 32 inches
  • Ready to hang / professionally varnish / framed
  • Signed on the front
  • Style: Expressive and gestural
  • Subject: still life
  • Buying more than one painting will allow you to benefit a special discount to the total amount . Please email me via contact section or by phone at 0040720190320. Thank you !

How could I put into words the state that this oneiric static nature gives me. I can only express now, looking at it, after completing it, that I feel drawn into an eternal journey in a time and space that do not belong to me, as if I died a billion years ago, and for a second I am brought back to life in a dark blue ocean, without water, but full of velvety red petals, dancing an infinite spiral. I am just a stray wave traveling in space on soft petals, playing with the light.
available / 0040720190320

For me, as an artist, the still life is a perfect excuse to create a vibrant game between the idea of the volatility and the perennial of the world
that we perceive around us, and the essence of the human spirit: the conscience.
My “flowers” are subtle expressions of a meta-reality, where the viewer is invited to meditation, to exercise his spirit, to discover that energy, that for sure we all have it inside us, that resonates with the silence of the beginning of beginning.