The Childhood Of Chaos 7 enigma Painting Mindscape darkscape By O KLOSKA / SOLD OUT

  • bizarre enigmatic art by O KLOSKA
bizarre enigmatic art by O KLOSKA

The Childhood Of Chaos 7 enigma Painting Mindscape darkscape By O KLOSKA / SOLD OUT

Title:  Composition 7 /  from Series: the Childhood of Chaos
Tehnique:  large acrylic on stretched canvas / edges are painted dark / ready to hang
Painting size:  60 x 80 x 2 cm (close to 24 x 32 x 1 inch) 
Year: signed February 2021 / Painting is varnish to protect colors in time
Status: Sold

Sold out / Private collection USA

The childhood of chaos series

I always felt that is a very thin connection between all the religions and the science. The last theories of the creation of the universe are absolutely fascinating. The last great astrophysics minds admits that are many traces that give us signs about the existence of a unique Creator and his “traces” of Creation.
I am fascinating about the idea of BIG BANG… the zero moment of our universe. My background from Technical University where I have studied electronics and communication made me an artist that understands our world not only from the view point of the subtle aesthetics that we embrace though arts but from the engineering approach using quantic physics and the duality theory of the light. In many of my drawings I use graphics from wave modulation that I used to draw in my technical faculty classes …but in this days the artistic maturity allows me to transform it in petals of energy flowers, for example.
I am very interesting in expressing movement from compositions where light and volume contrasts are powerful … in a way forcing the viewer to explore an universe that is reveling exactly in that very moment. The paintings from this series are opening an event of creation, an early creation, calling like a future series of transformation of a sent universe.
There are a lot of strong accents of brushing contrasting with blurry large lighting areas that deceive the viewer.
My forms, volumes, lines, points, structures and not at the last the color relationships of the whole composition I think that in the most cases force you to lost in a labyrinth of an unknown universe and to imagine possible next future events. Watching a Kloska painting of “chaos” makes you for some minutes a creator too.
Some of the paintings are more complicated, more elaborated, some are more simple … but they all invites you to explore not only an artistic version of the childhood of universe but also a inner self mind universe . ” / Ovidiu Kloska / June 2019